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secret garden china tour live in beijing for news features tickets show times and information about beijing live music concert, scenes from the street life in beijing taken during our stay in china from february to april in 2016 living in china for a couple of month is quite a challenge and more as the usual tourist , daily life as expat in beijing in many respects living as an expat in beijing is like living anywhere else you eat shop go out and mingle with other people yes i know there also is work, live in beijing von edguy als dvd mit tracklist und weiteren infos

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weve done the hard work and put together a comprehensive list in part 3 of the 5 best areas to live as an expat in beijing to help you find one that fits your needs the best , beijing have most cheapest food and clothsbut education and entertainment are much more than others we charge you different price from locals if there are only you and your wife its pretty good life in here and if you can cook thats will save you lot of money for that because vegetable and fruit is pretty cheap in here